Applications for Thermal Expert Imagers

Health and e-healtH

  • Real time temperature measurement
  • Detection and tracking of minimum and maximum temperature with marking in the image
  • Alarm can be set if a limit value is exceeded
  • Fast and discreet identification of a person with elevated body temperature (Fever Screening, Skin temperature screening)
  • Video recording for traceability possible
  • Easy installation on Windows 10 PC, laptop or Android smartphone
Real time thermal tracking

Automotive industry

  • Nightvision camera
  • Sensor for autonomous driving
  • Replace temperature sensors during development, validation and production stage
  • Detect and classify objects
  • Use thermal image in combination with normal camera to increase hit rate on object detection
  • Multi sensor data fusion for machine learning and computer vision with OpenCV

Buildings and maintenance

  • Object photo for energy consultant
  • Energy loss in windows and doors
  • Checking heating pipes
  • Leak control in air conditioning
  • Location of faults and damage
Thermal Imaging Camera Picture


  • Assembly test for components and printed circuit boards
  • Check fuse problem and overheating
  • Check connection of cables and plugs
  • Document surface heating / cooling
  • Production line monitoring with alarm when limit value is exceeded
Thermal Expert development

Home and Yard

  • Detecting people around the house and animals (even in total darkness)
  • Check household appliances for overheating
  • Detect heating pipes
  • Cooking: Check the temperature of the food
Thermal Imaging

Equitation and Livestock

  • Recognize animals even in darkness
  • Body temperature measurement
  • Distinguish sick from healthy animals
  • Locate injuries
  • Training monitoring in equitation
Thermal Expert Camera animal

Photography and Art

  • Infrared Photography
  • See everyday objects with different eyes
  • Document temperature trends over longer periods


Thermal Expert Cameras