TE-SQ1 - High resolution handheld thermal camera with touch-display and visual image *NEW*

1488 € (incl. VAT) 1240 € (net)

1199 € inkl. VAT.,  999€ (net)



The Thermal Expert the TE-SQ1 is high-resolution portable thermal imaging camera. Equipped with a 5-inch all-in-one display, you can easily identify overheated parts, leaks in plumbing system, and malfunctioning electrical systems with clear thermal images.
QVGA(384x288) detector is being used, and it shows NETD (≤55mK). Wi-Fi Connection for Data Sharing and Mirroring are available using TE-SQ1's android applicaiton. Also, TE-SQ1 has 32GB memory storage, which allows you to store more than 10,000 images, and it supports external micro-SD card. Lastly, you can generate reports in PDF with any saved images. Thermal imaging devices and thermal imaging systems open up new possibilities in imaging thermography. For more details view datasheet.

Highly accurate infrared temperature scanner with face recognition ("Fever Screening") - TE-HQ1

5880 € (incl. VAT)

4900 € (net)

TE-HQ1 is a highly accurate temperature scanner with thermal and visible image acquisition. In addition to measuring temperatures, TE-HQ1 allows users to measure the exact temperature of different people's faces using the face recognition algorithm. The system automatically adjusts the temperature by calculating the distance of several people from the camera at the same time. The small, portable black body heater serves as a reference heat source and offers a very high temperature accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C. The device is not a medical device. Factory calibration included, calibration by an external test laboratory possible for a surcharge.