Thermal Expert from i3-System brings High Resolution Thermal Imaging

The Thermal Expert series of the Korean manufacturer I3-System sets new standards in the field of thermal imaging cameras. High-resolution and low-noise sensors are combined with high-quality optics and state-of-the-art image processing.
See amazing details for an affordable price.
Operation is possible with Android smartphones and with Windows / Linux.
For professionals, there is also a development kit available for developing your own application.

The TE-Q1 Series is now also available with USB-C Interface to support newer smartphones.


Model Overview

Thermal Expert Imaging Kit (limited special offer)

Thermal imaging camera set for real-time temperatu
  The set contains the thermal imager, all cables, brackets and the software for real-time temperature measurement on a Windows 10 PC or laptop. The camera is connected to the PC via USB and displays the thermal image data on the comp ... (Read More)
From 491,67 €
Thermal Imaging Kit for PCB Inspection, Smartphone
  The TE-PCB Inspection Kit is ideally suited for measurement during electronics development. Thermal problems can be detected in advance and resolved. High thermal sensor resolution of 384 x 288 pixel makes precise detection possible ... (Read More)
From 695,00 €
Thermal Imaging Large Kit - TE-Q1 Kit
  The TE-Q1 Large Kit contains the following components:     Thermal Expert Thermal Camera Body (384 x 288 pixels, interchangeable lens) with Micro USB or USB-C (choose from menu)     13mm lens (for long range, d ... (Read More)
999,17 €
Thermal Imaging Starter Kit - TE-M1 Kit
  The TE-M1 Kit is a good starter kit for exploring the world of thermal imaging. The smartphone, tablet and PC support makes the thermal imager usable for almost any use case. It is well suited for engineers and developers to get sta ... (Read More)
From 495,00 €
XXL Thermal Imaging Kit - TE-V1 camera with 30Hz f
  The XXL Thermal Imaging Kit for professional users contains the following components: Thermal Expert thermal imaging camera TE-V1 Body (640 x 480 pixels, interchangeable lens) micro USB 30 Hz frame rate upgrade for TE-V ... (Read More)
4.444,00 €